Online check-in
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Read the rules of check-in
  • Main information
    To be accepted for carriage, one must carry the document that proves identity and is specified in the ticket (itinerary receipt)
    • For flight security reasons, the airline reserves the right to change the seat on board an aircraft from one that youve selected.
    • It can happen when a boarding pass is issued or on board an aircraft as directed by the pilot in command.
    • Online check-in is unavailable for passengers with special service requirements for carriage (unattended minor, pet carriage, etc.), as well as for bookings consisting of more than 9 passengers.
    • If you pretend to an upgrade of a service class (available for Wings program Golden card holders), than you must remember that as a result of online check-in you are assigned a seat in a preliminary booked class.
    • To get an upgrade you must contact a check-in agent in an airport of departure.
    • Attention! After online check-in is completed no further changes of respective tickets are available.
  • Opening and closing time of online check-in
    • Online check-in for direct scheduled flightsopens 23 hours and closes 4 hours prior to a departure time, besides flights from Ekaterinburg and Moscow, as well as Chita, Khabarovsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Saint-Petersburg, Samara and Orenburg.
    • Online check-in for these flights closes 1 hour prior to a departure time.
    • Online check-in for charter flights opens 6 hours prior to a departure time.
    • Online check-in for transit flights opens 12 hours prior to a departure time.
    • Online check-in for multi-leg flights is available only for the first leg, not earlier than 12 hours prior to a departure time.
    • Online check-in for the Alliance flights (U6-2121, 2122, 2411, 2412, 2421, 2422, 2433, 2434, 3151, 3152, 3171, 3172) is temporary unavailable.
  • Destinations available for online check-in
    Online check-in is available for those who hold e-tickets for direct flights from the following cities:
    • Ekaterinburg
    • Erevan
    • Irkutsk
    • Moscow
    • Nizhny Novgorod
    • Novosibirsk
    • Prague
    • Rostov-on-Don
    • Samara
    • Saint-Petersburg
    • Simferopol
    • Ulan-Ude
    • Chita
  • Rules of allocate passengers in seats near emergency exits
    It is strictly prohibited to allocate in seats near to the emergency exists following category of passengers:
    • Adult passengers with infants and children;
    • Teenagers under 18 years of age;
    • Pregnant women; Advanced age passengers;
    • Physically challenged passengers (reduced mobility, defects of eyesight, hearing or speech);
    • Disabled passengers; Obese passengers;
    • Passengers carrying pets in carry-on baggage.

    Be careful! If breaking these rules is found directly on the plane, the captain and his crew have the right to change the seat for passenger!
  • Baggage
    If you travel with baggage that exceeds the hand baggage allowance (with dimensions of more than 554020 cm and/or weight of more than 5 kg for Economy class and more than 12 kg for Business and Comfort class), you can still check in online, but you have to do the following in addition: Drop off the baggage at a counter with Drop off sign or at your flight check-in counter.

    We recommend you to arrive at a counter not less than 60 prior to departure time, as long as check-in closes 40 minutes prior to departure time.
    Remember that a specified departure time is local.
  • What things can you carry in your baggage
    • Alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content more than 24%, but not more than 70% by volume, in retail packages of not more than 5 litres and not more than 5 litres per passenger;
    • Drills, saws, screwdrivers, crowbar, hammers, pincers, pliers, winches, wrench and screw key, brazing torch, etc.
    • Hand and ice-axes
    • Medicines, hypodermic needles for diabetic patients (with medical proof at hand)
    • Small-size balloon with gas oxygen or air required for medical purposes (with medical proof at hand)
    • Tablets or spray with nitroglycerin for medical purposes (with medical proof at hand)
    • Cigar cutter
    • Cork-screw
    • Glasses fixing suit (including a screwdriver less than 50 mm in length)
    • Eyelash curler
    • Sewing needles and crotchets
    • Cuticle tool, nail clippers
    • Nail file (less than 60 mm in length)
    • Open razor, shaving blades
    • Safety razor (including one-use shaving sticks)
    • Scissors (with blade less than 60 mm in length)
    • Robot-transformer toys
    • Hair removal pincers (less than 60 mm in length)
    • Umbrella (eligible for transporting in cabin after examination for prohibited items)
    • Cane (allowed for transporting in cabin after examination for prohibited items)
    • What hazardous materials and goods are allowed for transporting in baggage?
    • Ammunition (rifle cartridges), used for sport purposes, and safely packed in cases
    • Tourist hotplates and fuel can for them, which may contain highly flammable liquid fuel
    • Solid carbon dioxide (carbonic ice)
    • Wheelchairs or other mobile facilities operated on nonspillable storage batteries
    • Please note: For wheelchairs or other mobile facilities operated on helium batteries one should not remove batteries under the condition that battery terminals are isolated for preventing short-circuit
    • Wheelchairs or other mobile facilities operated on spillable electric batteries
    • Items generating heat, for example, underwater lamp (lamps for underwater swimming) and brazing torches
    • Set (rucksack) of mine-rescue equipment
    • Isothermal packing suits, containing liquid iced nitrogen (dry goods)
    • Life-vest balloon with non-flammable gas
    • Small-size balloons with with gas oxygen or air required for medical purposes
    • Aerosol of category 2.2 without extra danger for sport and household purposes
    • Hair spray, perfume, cologne and medicines which contains spirit
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Carbon dioxide cylinder for prosthetic limbs operation, and emergency cylinder of the same size for providing required amount for travelling
    • Tongs for catalytic hair curling, containing hydrocarbon gas
    • Medical or clinical thermometer, containing mercury for personal use (one thermometer per person), when in protective case.
    • Cold steel weapons and sharp objects
    • Arbalest, fish gun, sabres, cavalry swords, hatchets, scimitars, broadswords, longswords, bayonets, daggers, switchblades, scalpels, sky crampons, skates, harpoons, lances, hunting balisong and locking knives, any sharp objects which can be used for piercing and cutting wounds
    • Cutting objects: mat knives, penknives, carving knives, ice picks, household knives (scissors) with a blade length exceeding 60 mm, blade without case Injectors for medical purposes (with medical proof at hand)
    • Fire weapon and small arms
    • Fire weapon
    • Paintball weapon
    • Pneumatic weapon
    • Signal weapon
    • Rifled weapon
    • Starting gun
    • Power-actuated fastening tool
    • Parts of small arms and fire weapon (except of optics)
    • Weapon toy of any kind Imitation of any weapon
    • Ammunition (cases with cartridges), used for sport purposes.
    • Small amount of cartridges must be safely packed in fabric, wooden, metal or their case suitable for transporting a small amount of armament.
    • A maximum amount of 5 kg (11lb) of ammunition is permitted for personal purposes of one person.
  • For passenger with infant
    Boarding pass printing is not available for passengers with infants.

    In this case, a passenger may use online check-in for a seat, specified by the system, and print out the confirmation, which then must be exchanged for a boarding pass by the check-in agent at the departure airport.

    Most aircraft safe seats are assigned by the system for passengers travelling with infants. A choice of other seats is not available.
  • Passenger categories, who can not check-in
    • Unaccompanied minors
    • Seriously ill passenger
    • Disabled passengers on stretchers
    • Passengers with limited mobility
    • Unaccompanied, deaf or blind passengers
    • Blind passengers with an assistant dog
    • Passengers transporting pets or birds
    • Passengers transporting baggage in the cabin of an aircraft
    • Passengers who purchased an extra seat in the cabin
    • Passengers transporting weapons or supplies
    • Accompanied/unaccompanied deported passengers
    • Passengers requiring medical assistance during the flight
    • Passengers who have unpaid pre-booked services

    All categories of passengers indicated above must address to a check-in desk at departure airport for a check-in and receiving a boarding pass.
  • Special services in which check-in is impossible
    • Pets in Cabin (PETC)
    • Cabin baggage seat (CBBG)
    • Weapon transporting (WEAP)
    • Unaccompanied minor (UMNR)
    • Meet and assist service (MAAS)
    • Medical Clearance Form (MEDA)
    • Extra seat (EXST)
    • Passenger who can only be transported on a stretcher (STCR)
    • Wheelchair Ramp, Passenger can walk upstairs (WCHR)
    • Wheelchair Cabin, Passenger must be carried (WCHC)
    • Wheelchair Steps, Passenger can walk to seat (WCHS)
    • Wheelchair with Dry Cell Battery (WCBD)
    • Wheelchair with Wet Cell Battery (WCBW)
    • Wheelchair (Manual Power), undefined sizes (WCMP)
    • On-board wheelchair, provided by Airline Company (WCOB)
    • Deaf passenger (DEAF) Blind passenger (BLND)
    • Accompanied deportation (DEPA)
    • Unaccompanied deportation (DEPU)
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