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  • Main information
    To be accepted for carriage, one must carry the document that proves identity and is specified in the ticket (itinerary receipt)
    • For flight security reasons, the airline reserves the right to change the seat on board an aircraft from one that youve selected.
    • It can happen when a boarding pass is issued or on board an aircraft as directed by the pilot in command.
    • Online check-in is unavailable for passengers with special service requirements for carriage (unattended minor, pet carriage, etc.), as well as for bookings consisting of more than 9 passengers.
    • If you pretend to an upgrade of a service class (available for Wings program Golden card holders), than you must remember that as a result of online check-in you are assigned a seat in a preliminary booked class.
    • To get an upgrade you must contact a check-in agent in an airport of departure.
    • Attention! After online check-in is completed no further changes of respective tickets are available.
  • Opening and closing time of online check-in
    • Online check-in for direct regular flights opens 24 hours before departure and is available no earlier than 15 minutes after the purchase of the ticket.
    • Online check-in for charter flights starts from the moment the lists of passengers are ready from the tour operator (but not earlier than 12 hours before the flight departure).
    • Online check-in ends 40 minutes before departure, except for flights departing from Rome, Tel Aviv, Beijing, Harbin, Amsterdam, London (at these airports online check-in ends 1 hour before departure).
    • Check-in for Multi-shoulder flightstemporarily not possible except for U629, U6217-218, U6299, U6285-286, U6351-352, U6585-586, U6855 (on these flights online check-in is also available 24 hours before departure)

    • From Zhukovsky online check-in is not possible for the following flights: U62423, U62425, U62427, U62429, U62445, U62447,U62449, U62455, U62465, U62467

  • Destinations available for online check-in
    Online check-in is available for those who hold e-tickets for direct flights from the following cities:
    • Ekaterinburg
    • Erevan
    • Irkutsk
    • Moscow
    • Nizhny Novgorod
    • Novosibirsk
    • Prague
    • Rostov-on-Don
    • Samara
    • Saint-Petersburg
    • Simferopol
    • Ulan-Ude
    • Chita
  • For passenger with infant
    Boarding pass printing is not available for passengers with infants.

    In this case, a passenger may use online check-in for a seat, specified by the system, and print out the confirmation, which then must be exchanged for a boarding pass by the check-in agent at the departure airport.

    Most aircraft safe seats are assigned by the system for passengers travelling with infants. A choice of other seats is not available.
  • Passenger categories, who can not check-in
    • Unaccompanied minors
    • Seriously ill passenger
    • Disabled passengers on stretchers
    • Passengers with limited mobility
    • Unaccompanied, deaf or blind passengers
    • Blind passengers with an assistant dog
    • Passengers transporting pets or birds
    • Passengers transporting baggage in the cabin of an aircraft
    • Passengers who purchased an extra seat in the cabin
    • Passengers transporting weapons or supplies
    • Accompanied/unaccompanied deported passengers
    • Passengers requiring medical assistance during the flight
    • Passengers who have unpaid pre-booked services

    All categories of passengers indicated above must address to a check-in desk at departure airport for a check-in and receiving a boarding pass.
  • Special services in which check-in is impossible
    • Pets in Cabin (PETC)
    • Cabin baggage seat (CBBG)
    • Weapon transporting (WEAP)
    • Unaccompanied minor (UMNR)
    • Meet and assist service (MAAS)
    • Medical Clearance Form (MEDA)
    • Extra seat (EXST)
    • Passenger who can only be transported on a stretcher (STCR)
    • Wheelchair Ramp, Passenger can walk upstairs (WCHR)
    • Wheelchair Cabin, Passenger must be carried (WCHC)
    • Wheelchair Steps, Passenger can walk to seat (WCHS)
    • Wheelchair with Dry Cell Battery (WCBD)
    • Wheelchair with Wet Cell Battery (WCBW)
    • Wheelchair (Manual Power), undefined sizes (WCMP)
    • On-board wheelchair, provided by Airline Company (WCOB)
    • Deaf passenger (DEAF) Blind passenger (BLND)
    • Accompanied deportation (DEPA)
    • Unaccompanied deportation (DEPU)
  • Rules of allocate passengers in seats near emergency exits
    It is strictly prohibited to allocate in seats near to the emergency exists following category of passengers:
    • Adult passengers with infants and children;
    • Teenagers under 18 years of age;
    • Pregnant women; Advanced age passengers;
    • Physically challenged passengers (reduced mobility, defects of eyesight, hearing or speech);
    • Disabled passengers; Obese passengers;
    • Passengers carrying pets in carry-on baggage.

    Be careful! If breaking these rules is found directly on the plane, the captain and his crew have the right to change the seat for passenger!
  • Baggage
    If you travel with baggage that exceeds the hand baggage allowance (with dimensions of more than 554020 cm and/or weight of more than 5 kg for Economy class and more than 12 kg for Business and Comfort class), you can still check in online, but you have to do the following in addition: Drop off the baggage at a counter with Drop off sign or at your flight check-in counter.

    We recommend you to arrive at a counter not less than 60 prior to departure time, as long as check-in closes 40 minutes prior to departure time.
    Remember that a specified departure time is local.
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